Nick Hawkins

Digital Specialist

Entrepreneur, innovator and cyber security consultant.

I’ve built businesses and worked with FTSE100 companies showing them how to innovate and use the digital tools of today.

Having lived and worked in London all my life, I’ve now become a digital nomad, travelling and working across the world since 2015.

I’m currently freelancing, either in the country I’m currently in or wherever you would like to fly me to.


My Employment

  • 2017

    Cyber Security Consultant

    Helping you not get hacked - Through awareness training, security reviews and penetration testing.

  • 2016

    Consultant / Digital Specialist

  • 2015

    Digital Bartering

    I spent a lot of 2015-16 travelling around the world and I bartered my skills with whatever local companies could offer. Including accommodation, training and even vehicles.

  • 2014

    Lead Trainer

    One of the most exciting parts of my career and still a company I contract with today. I built and ran workshops on innovation, digital skills, marketing and cyber security. Their one for one business model meant we could also train thousands of young people in digital skills for free.

  • 2013


    Brisk app

    Using the funds from selling my previous company and raising additional investment, Brisk app was created to show events happening around you through photos found on social media, in real-time.

  • 2009


    Peartree Media

    A company selling web hosting (keeping websites and email online). The company began as Market Hosting when I was working from my attic. I merged in 2011 with a similar sized hosting and design company. I took over all hosting operations and eventually bought out the existing shareholders and sold the company in 2013.

  • 2007

    Systems Engineer


    Wanting to avoid university like the plague and itching to work in the real world of IT, I joined Ultraspeed immediately after finishing school. They trained me up on Linux servers and data centre operations so I could support their web hosting customers.

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