Peartree Media acquires Market Hosting

A little news from the work front. Market Hosting, the company I started in 2008, has merged into Peartree Media for the purpose of boosting its hosting division. MH and Pearspace (Peartree Media’s hosting brand) have been working together for some time now, so this merge was the natural step forward.

Official press release:

Peartree Media Limited – a digital design, media and distribution company today publicly announced that after months of planning, the acquisition of Market Hosting Limited, it’s assets and associated branding had been completed.

Media Operations Director Rob Grieshaber said that, “After more than a year of working together in partnership with our existing hosting brand – Pearspace, the most logical step for both companies was to merge operations into one.

Looking towards the future, we have some pretty big things planned for 2011/2012 and with this merger now complete, we can pool the creative and innovative ideas as well as leverage the resources and power of both companies, channeling it all into creating a truly phenomenal product line and level of service which really separates us from others in the market. I am delighted to finally welcome Market Hosting, its staff and it’s clients into our family.”

Market Hosting Limited provides a range of hosting services to SOHO and SME Companies In both the UK and Europe. Specialising specifically in Managed Server hosting, the company has grown their customer base consistently year on year thanks to its innovative approach to the industry, specialist technical knowledge and individual tailored support practices.

Peartree Media’s existing hosting brand ‘Pearspace’ provides specialist hosting services to the design & development industry and thanks to the numerous value add features of its hosting platform such as CDN distributed content availability, Web font foundry integration and dynamic web application caching already included in the prices of packages has earned the company respect within the industry as a reliable, forward thinking and dynamic hosting company that meets and exceeds the needs of it’s customers.

Managing Director of Market Hosting and newly appointed Hosting Operations Director at Peartree Media – Nick Hawkins said “It’s great to see that the amount of work put into making this all happen has finally been completed. The guys at Peartree Media have such a unique way of doing business and clients really appreciate all that they do. With both companies now operating as one, we can work together in ways never before possible. We’re all very excited about what the future has in store for us.”