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Hackers are finding new ways of stealing or disrupting your data and it has become impossible for security solutions to detect and prevent it all. Company employees are becoming the easiest way in.

I run Cyber Security Awareness workshops to show you how hackers think and what tools they have available.

The workshops are designed to:

  • give you an understanding of the cyber security landscape and the threats you face
  • understand what hackers are doing and why
  • show you how to protect yourself today and going forward


The workshops follow a casual but lively format with mostly live demonstrations. They are designed for non-technical people to understand.

With this Cyber Security Awareness workshop, you will acquire and maintain a constant state of security awareness in your day to day.

Workshops can run from 2 hours to a full day.


I am available for presentations, public speaking and workshops.

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Ross Martin

Cyber Security


Nick has been a great support to our business

Being online gives you more visibility and opportunities. However added visibility can mean added risk but fear not Nick has some great ways you can protect yourself and your business when online.

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Gi Fernando

Gi Fernando

Investor & Entrepreneur

Freeformers cyber security training

Nick is an inspiration.

He works brilliantly with others, makes the complex simple to understand and finds solutions to problems.

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